• Image Credits

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Many of the images used on this site have been downloaded for free from either an image sharing website or a free stock image library. The vast majority of the images are downloaded from Flickr Creative Commons. Any images that have been used are credited below:

'Father and Child' - Petras Gagilas

'It Happens Every Spring' - Thomas Photommo

'Swedish Countryside' - Per Salomonsson

'The Garw from the Mountains' - Andrew Walch

'Hoverfly and Lavender Bokeh' - Thomas Tolkien

'Image ID: 1402397' - Andreas Krappweisphotography@krappweis.com

'USACE continues construction at Task Force-East training site in Bulgaria' - USACE Europe District

'Metabo July 2011' - Mark Hunter

'light in hailstorm' - Barbara Willi

'Late sun on New Years Day, Conwy Valley, Wales, UK' - Stuart Madden

'Sunrise July 8th-2014.' - Hefin Owen

'Sink or Swim' - Geraint Rowland

'Dejeuner Sur l’Herbe' - Philippe Put

'Wild Badger' - Ellis Lawrence

'Lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros) bats roosting' - Jessicajil

'Feeding the blue tit' - Tambako The Jaguar

'Protected Species' - Highways Agency

'Flight of Pigeons' - craig Cloutier

'Great Crested Newt' - Chris H

'Japanischer Staudenknöterich (Fallopia japonica)' - Maja Dumat

'Otter' - Jon Bunting

'Spider' - paraflyer

'Hover Fly' - Thomas Tolkien

'frog eyes' - Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

'Lonely Tree in Field' - sage_sola

'Forest Harvesting (22)' - Disco-Dan

'Hosuing & community green' - La Citta Vita

'Yellow fields (Explore 2014-05-09)' - Susanne Nilsson

'Image ID: 1162947' - barun patro - www.barunpatro.com

'Image ID: 1162948' - barun patro - www.barunpatro.com

'duck!' - Hans Splinter

'Handrail into flood' - TomMD5000

'From Bowmore to Bridgend' - Jens Mayer

'2014-06-17 14.26.31' - Jonathan Davies

'Stirling Road & Bridgend, Dunblane' - Brian Cooper

'Hay Bales 3' - MattJP

'Solar Panels in Maules Creek' - Kate Ausburn

'Red Kites - Gigrin Farm Wales' - Airwolfhound

'Field of Gold' - Simon Rowe

'Autumnal Bridge' - Andrew Walch

'Community.....' - Kamaljith K V

'Bright Teasel' - Simon Rowe

'Blue Jay looking for a hand out!' - Dawn Huczek

'Truth' - Geraint Rowland

'Family on the Beach' - Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

'Children at school' - Lucélia Ribeiro