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Biodiversity & Development: A Green Infrastructure Approach Supplementary Planning Guidance (Bridgend County Borough Council, 2014)

Biodiversity Planning Toolkit (Association of Local Government Ecologists) www.biodiversityplanningtoolkit.com

Bridgend Local Development Plan 2006-2021 (Bridgend County Borough Council, 2013)

Bridgend LDP Policies relating to GI

Strategic Policy SP2 Design and Sustainable Place Making

Strategic Policy SP4 Conservation and Enhancement of the Natural Environment

Strategic Policy SP5 Conservation of the Built and Historic Environment

Strategic Policy SP14 Infrastructure

Policy PLA4 Climate Change and Peak Oil

Policy PLA7 Transportation Proposals 6

Policy ENV3 Special Landscape Areas

Policy ENV4 Local / Regional Nature Conservation Sites

Policy ENV5 Green Infrastructure

Policy ENV6 Nature Conservation

Policy ENV7 Natural Resource Protection and Public Health

COM11-COM13 Recreation Policies

COM14 Provision of Allotments and Community Food Networks

Welsh Government Technical Advice Notes (TANs) relating to GI

TAN 5 Nature Conservation and Planning (2009)

TAN 15 Development and Flood Risk (2004)

TAN 16 Sport, Recreation and Open Space (2009)

TAN 22 Sustainable Buildings (2010)

National policies relating to GI

Planning Policy Wales, Edition 5, (2012)

Natural Environment Framework, ‘A Living Wales’ (2010)

UK Climate Change Act