• Bridgend Nature Recovery Plan

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Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Bridgend. This Local Biodiversity Action Plan sets out to map and quantify the biodiversity and the underlying ecosystem services of Bridgend.
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This LBAP considers the wider role that biodiversity plays in providing benefits to Bridgend County Borough. Bridgend has a wealth of biodiversity with many rare and locally significant plants, animals, insects and other species, such as organisms living in soil. The habitats these species are found in provide many different functions, which are often called ‘ecosystem services’. These include features such as the ability of the land to store and purify water, or the recreational value of woodland. The biodiversity of Bridgend, supplies a wealth of different environmental benefits. This interaction between biodiversity and ecosystem services is explored in this LBAP.

This LBAP sets out to map and quantify the biodiversity and the underlying ecosystem services (that is the valuable functions our environment provides) of Bridgend. This LBAP is specifically designed to work in conjunction with other key policies that support planning policy in the Borough. In particular the LBAP should be read alongside the Landscape Character Area (LCA) report by Land Use Consultants (LUC, 2013) which described the different parts of the county and what is unique and special about them.

This LBAP shows why the rich biodiversity of the County Borough of Bridgend is so important and how it supplies a wealth of different benefits to the environment, people and the economy of the area. It provides recommendations for how biodiversity and the ecosystem services in the Borough can be enhanced to increase their value to society. This LBAP is supported by a technical document which describes the ecosystem service in each part of the county in detail. This supporting technical document also describes how the ecosystem
services were evaluated and mapped.

This LBAP (Local Biodiversity Action Plan) is an update of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (Volume 1 & Volume 2) originally written in 2002.


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