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The Wilderness comprises approximately 9 hectares of amenity parkland with a range of semi-natural habitats around a lake which is used for recreational access and fishing. Broadleaved semi-natural woodland has established on islands in the lake with scrub around the margins and broadleaved woodland plantation on the sides of the lake, with Willows, Alder and Cherry dominant in the canopy and Elder, English Elm, thorn species and Field Maple present. Areas of amenity grassland and improved grassland are also present around the main site, with a separate wet semi-improved neutral grassland field at the north-west part of the site with Willows, Reedmace, Flag Iris, Water Mint and Meadowsweet.


The site is owned by Bridgend County Borough Council who have been working in partnership with local user groups including the local allotment society in order to secure the a national Green Flag Award.  Primarily, through the joint working between the various organisations involved, the Wilderness has achieved Green Flag status for the last 4 years


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