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Stretching over 3.2 hectares, Craig-y-parcau is an area of woodland situated along a steep slope of the Ogmore River. The top path through the woods forms part of the River Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr Circular Walk.
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Stretching over 3.2 hectares, Craig y parcau is one of Bridgend County Borough Council’s dedicated Local Nature Reserve (LNR) sites. These sites are conservation areas set aside for people to enjoy nature and learn about wildlife and the landscape. Craig-y-parcau is an area of woodland situated along a steep slope of the Ogmore River. The top path through the woods forms part of the River Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr Circular Walk.

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Craig-y-parcau offers one of the most picturesque rural walks in Bridgend County. This fine oak and ash woodland is a real wildlife haven. Carpets of wildflowers line the attractive riverside path and you’ll see lots of birds using the woodland trees as look-out posts for insects hovering over the Ogmore River. You can complete a circular walk of about ¾ mile in the woodland using the steps and riverside trail. If you’re looking for something more strenuous, you can join the River Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr Circular Walk from Craig-y-parcau.

What will I find? The changing seasons bring changing experiences and Craig-y-parcau is one of those unique places where you’ll hear, see and smell different things every time you visit. In winter, you’ll be walking with the backdrop of the rushing of the River Ogmore, whereas during the summer the sound of the river is often overshadowed with beautiful birdsong and the chittering of insects. Spring is a great time to explore the woodland. You’ll see carpets of Bluebells and other woodland flowers such as Wood Anemone, Yellow Archangel and Wood Sorrel. It’s also a good time to look out for birds. Regular visitors include Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaff and Tree Creepers. You may even be lucky enough to spot a Green Woodpecker or a Kingfisher! For Otter-spotters – look out for their spraint (oily droppings, usually on a prominent stone) near the riverbank where they are likely to nest.

Craig Y Parcau Map

Craig-y-parcau Trail 1200 metres long approx Path: Quite flat in parts but steps must be climbed to follow the circular walk. Muddy and uneven in sections.

The Robin Waymarkers will help you navigate your way through Craig-y-parcau * new for 2015 - new gravel path gives you access to the to the river walk

Look out for… I grow here.. Hartstongue Fern, Bluebell, Lesser Celandine, Herb Robert, Sessile Oak, Wood Anemone, Ash, Yellow Archangel, Wood Sorrel,

I live here.. Blue Tit, Robin, Chiff Chaff, Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker, Willow Warbler, Tree Creeper, Daubenton’s Bat, Otter,

If you’re exploring Craig-y-parcau and you spot these or other species, please take a photograph or let us know

Meet the Keeper As you’re exploring Craig-y-parcau, look out for the Keeper of the Ogmore.

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To find out more about his story, and the plants and wildlife he protects, please visit: I am the Ogmore, its story I have kept for I am the Keeper but long have I slept look around you now, as I wake look at the world I carve out here there are boulders marking the way here all is movement, changing each day here all is connected, mapped out by me I am the Ogmore and I must be free

Add a bit of history The area surrounding Craig-y-parcau, leading to Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr, is steeped in history. One of the oldest curiosities closest to the reserve is ‘The Dancing Stone’. Legend has it that when the cock crows on Christmas morning, this ancient stone dances down to the river to wash. Why not take an early walk through Craig-y-parcau on a crisp Christmas morning and see if the legend is true! To find out more about the history of the area surrounding Craig-y-parcau, please visit: www.bridgendbites.com

Where is Craig-y- parcau? Craig-y-parcau is situated approximately 1 mile from the centre of Bridgend town. If you are using Sat Nav to find Craig-y-parcau, please use postcode: CF31 4AH Access to Craig-y-parcau is from Park Court Road or the Broadlands housing estate. Please see the map for details and for car-parking options.

Parking Public car parks are available in Bridgend Town Centre – these are located approximately a few hundred metres from Craig-y-parcau woodland.

Parking closer to the location is possible – please see map for details.

Where next? To find out more about Bridgend’s beautiful Local Nature Reserves, please look for the following links on this website: * Frog Pond Wood * Tremains Wood * Kenfig National Nature Reserve * Locks Common


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Craig y Parcau

Craig Y Parcau Map





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If you visit Craig y Parcau Woodland, you may notice that some of the footpaths have been temporarily closed.  This is due to that fact that the footpaths need repairing.  Through the Groundwork Bags of Help fund, Bridgend Town Council has been successful in securing monies for a range of repairs at the woodland.

Works should commence early in 2017 and should be completed in a few months.  If you are interested in being involved with this site or countryside volunteering in general, please contact: Talktous@bridgend.gov.uk


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