• Ceidwaid Natur

    Ym mhob rhan o Sir Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, mae cerfluniau derw wedi cael eu cerfio yn rhai o'n mannau gwyrdd mwyaf gwerthfawr. Defnyddiwch yr AP DEWCH i DDARGANFOD ac ewch ar daith i gael hyd i'r ceidwaid.

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  • Gwneud, Gweld, Aros

    Ewch i bridgendbites.com am fwy o wybodaeth ynghylch Gweithgareddau, Bwyd a Llety yn Sir Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

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Key Information

DARE to DISCOVER is our campaign to encourage everyone to GO EXPLORE their natural environment.

DARE to DISCOVER the App is a new interactive guide that explores what there is to DO where to EAT and SLEEP in the County Borough of Bridgend.

The app allows the user to pick a walk, identify your location and track your progress along the route. The range of walks are designed for beginners to experienced ramblers alike.

It is important to note that this app it is not designed as an orienteering app and it is not a replacement for OS maps and preparation for any walk.

However, we hope you will find the app an additional tool when walking some of the recommended routes.

For example, we think it's useful when you're feeling a little lost that it is able to show your location relative to the right of way which can often be reassuring for novice ramblers to confirm that you are still on the right track should you feel a little lost whilst out in the countryside. Especially useful when there is a big gap between waymarks, or way markers are missing or covered by vegetation etc.)

Also, you may find it useful to see what is in the vicinity of your route. For example, if the weather changes you can use it to see where you are in relation to a place of shelter, local shops, pubs, etc.

You can use the app to send us pictures of your route or to provide comments on the walks or sites of interest. Below is a link to some of the featured walks and sites currently on the app.

We would love ramblers who may know the areas really well and walk our routes regularly to experiment with the app and such as alerting us to problems with the rights of way network (damaged styles, overgrown paths etc.) using the geo-referenced comments function.

The app also allows the user to redeem vouchers with special offers utilising their smart phones. As you walk you’ll see app flags on your screen that show detail about what there is to DO, where to EAT and SLEEP. You can also create your own points of interest and review and comment on others. You are encouraged to add photos and video while you walk and to provide comments about what you DO, where you EAT and SLEEP. All app users will then be able to keep up to date with what’s going on and what others are rating whether they are out-and-about or at home.

The app updates when first opened if changes have been made to the content or additional offers added. The Special Offers are shown either on the map or as a listing under category headings, these are chosen by the business when adding a special offer and will be listed on the WALKS, things to DO, events to DO, places to STAY and EAT and NATURE KEEPERS

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