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  • Prosiect Ysgolion Awyr Agored Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr

  • Cynllun Bioamrywiaeth i Ysgolion

    Cynllun Bioamrywiaeth i Ysgolion i fod yn gymorth i ysgolion ddatblygu eu mannau awyr agored eu hunain, er mwyn cynyddu bioamrywiaeth ac ennyn brwdfrydedd dysgwyr ym Mhen-y-bont ar Ogwr.

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  • Gweithgareddau Rich Ysgolion

    A set of Schools’ Rich Activities, ranging from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 3, with suggestions for Key Stage 4 learners. These should help teachers to develop learners’ literacy and numeracy skills (as in the LNF) and use outdoor learning experiences to motivate them and therefore improve outcomes.

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  • Pecyn Gweithgaredd Teulu

    Pecyn Gweithgaredd Teulu sy’n cynnwys pethau i’w gwneud yn yr awyr agored. Mae’r pecyn yn cynnwys wyth gweithgaredd y gallwch chi roi cynnig arnyn nhw (ar y cyd â’ch plant neu heb eich plant!) a dylen nhw arwain at lawer o grafu pen a thrafodaethau.

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  • Bridgend Outdoor Schools Criteria & Application Form

    Bridgend Outdoor Schools programme wants to recognise those who spend time delivering the curriculum in the outdoors.

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  • Kenfig Nature Reserve Packs

    A Kenfig Nature Reserve specific Family and Schools pack has also been added to Bridgend Outdoor Schools, and for the first time materials aimed at higher and further education students has been developed too.

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Key Information

A project designed to enthuse young people and parents alike with the diversity of Bridgend County’s outdoor spaces.

The materials recognise and embrace the wealth of biodiversity within Bridgend and those for families and schools are focused on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of children. 

All the materials have been trialled with families and across Bridgend’s schools.

The materials have been produced by TLC! (Think, Learn, Challenge!) under contract to Bridgend County Council. TLC! and Bridgend CC would like to thank all the children, families, teachers and schools that have been involved in developing these materials.

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