• Taking Your Dog to the Beach

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With 11.5 miles of coastline you can follow the Wales Coastal Path and access all 7 beaches/bays the county has to offer.

However, May 1st marks the time of year when dogs are not allowed on some of the beaches. Dog restrictions are in place at busy times of year to protect the interest of other beach users, families with young children in particular.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the following beaches between 1st May and 30th September: Rest Bay, Seafront Beach, Sandy Bay and Trecco Bay.

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However, dogs are permitted on the following beaches; Newton and Merthyr Mawr,  Kenfig Sands and Pink Bay all year round.

These are not "dog beaches" but "beaches where dogs are permitted". Owners are reminded to keep their dogs under control at all times and to clean up after their pets as many families use these beaches and they are very important wildlife sites.

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Please help us keep our beaches safe, healthy and enjoyable places for you and your dog, other visitors, and wildlife all year round.  Have fun and GO EXPLORE.


Responsible Dog Walking

We ask that if your dog fouls that you pick up the mess. So if you visit the site be prepared to bag it, carry it and bin it in an appropriate place.
Please keep your dog in sight and under control. If you can’t, please use a lead especially around livestock and respect other beach users.
March to July marks the bird nesting season and ground nesting birds are particularly sensitive to disturbance. If you are walking your dogs at Kenfig Sands and Newton & Merthyr Mawr (both of which are National Nature Reserves) please be considerate to wildlife.
Areas of the coastline are grazed with livestock. Please keep your dogs on a lead in these areas and do not allow them to chase wildlife or farm animals. Apart from the risk of injury to your dog or other animals/birds they can become disorientated lost or stray onto the roads causing danger to themselves and other road users. Please note that dogs can be unpredictable and there have been incidents where livestock have been killed by pet dogs to the surprise of their owners. Please note that where farmers feel livestock may be under threat they are within their rights to take action and there have been recent cases of dogs being shot.



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