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Natural Neighbourhoods is overseen by the countryside and tourism section of Bridgend Council. The Community blog is aimed at those who may be interested in nature, green spaces, countryside and generally people who enjoy exploring the environment around them.

We are passionate about conserving and encouraging use of the natural environment and have set up this website to promote what we and our partners do and find out what is important to others. We know that residents of Bridgend think access to natural open green space is important because we asked you and 97% of you thought it was important or very important. That’s because we all recognise the benefits you get from a walk in a wood, relaxing in the park and even the trees you see outside your window.

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But do you know where these natural green spaces are? Not all are accessible but there are some we manage on your behalf. For example, did you know there are 5 local nature reserves throughout Bridgend? The Wildlife Trust and Woodland Trust have nature reserves within the county borough too. There are extensive areas of open access upland common land, 13km of coastline, most of which come under a European Wildlife designation and several urban parks where you can experience nature, play and undertake other activities.

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We want to protect these areas because they are so beneficial to wildlife and our communities. It is a big task to change hearts minds and to protect open green space and we want people to use the ones we have. Our aim is to make our neighbourhoods a little bit more natural and to encourage everyone to go explore.

To start your discovery of Bridgend we want to share with you our green spaces, we have been improving access and interpretation at our local nature reserves and encourage you to take the nature keepers quest. Soon we will be asking you to share your green spaces so watch out for the ‘my green spaces’ campaign #mygreenspace.  

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If you have children take a look at the education section and the Bridgend outdoor family pack and learn about the outdoors whilst having fun with your young ones. Also encourage your local schools to make the most of Bridgend’s countryside and green open spaces by downloading the Bridgend outdoor schools pack. These are great resources for teachers to provide curriculum based learning outside.

Don’t know where to go? The ‘what's green near me’ map will allow you to find places of interest, events and projects and recognised rights of way walking routes so there is no excuse not to experience the outdoors.

Whats In My Neighbourhood

We will blog about relevant news, events and stories we feel may be of interest, but what we are really interested in is your activities. Maybe there is a green space in Bridgend County you want to tell others about, a walk which provided some breath taking views. Maybe you have a community project and you need local volunteers, let us know and provide us a guest blog we can shout about.

Why not check out the rest of this website, share your project, download the DARE to DISCOVER app, see what green spaces there are to explore near you, take the nature keepers quest, become a green volunteer or join the my Green Space campaign and tell us about your favourite green space. We are passionate about the natural environment and invite you to go explore.

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